How to Cut Laminate Flooring How to Cut Laminate Flooring

What You'll Need
Safety goggles
Measuring tape
Laminate cutter

Due to the different sizes and shapes of floors, you may be required to cut laminate flooring so that it is able to fit in smoothly along the edges of the floor. Cutting laminate flooring is definitely a skillful job to perform, which does need some practice, in order for it to be done in the right way.

Step 1 - Safety

Put on a pair of safety goggles, so that your eyes are protected. It is very useful when the piece of laminate falls apart during the cutting process.

Step 2 - Measurement

Measure the size of the floor space with the help of a measuring tape. Measure the length and the width of the floor space and take a note of these dimensions on a piece of paper.

Step 3 - Marking Dimensions

You then need to turn the laminate piece topside down, so that you are able to look at the backside of the piece. With a measuring tape and a pencil, mark the dimensions you had recorded onto the back of the laminated piece.

Step 4 - Use of Cutter

Place the laminate topside down on the cutter, and cut the laminate piece according to the size marked before.

For Irregular Shapes

  • Dust mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Utility knife
  • Cardboard
  • Jigsaw

Step 1 - Template

You then require making a template for the irregular shape piece of flooring. Take a piece of cardboard and place it on the floor, where the irregular shapes needs to be fitted. With the help of a utility knife, trace the shape and cut the cardboard to the irregular shape to make a template.

Step 2 - Cutting of Cardboard

Cut the cardboard onto the topside of the laminate piece, utilizing the blue painter’s tape. Use a jigsaw and cut the laminate piece to the shape you require and make sure you do the cutting with the topside of the laminate facing upwards.

Step 3 - Cleaning

Remove the blue painter’s tape and wipe off and clean all the dust from the laminate piece.

The process must be practiced on a piece of scrap first, so that you do not ruin the piece of laminate. Also, make sure that you are careful while you are using the jigsaw and the cutter, as they are very sharp tools.


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