How to Cut Laminate Sheets

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Table saw

There an art in knowing how to cut laminate. It needs to be done so that the edge is sharp and clean or the laminate can be rendered useless.

Step 1 - Measuring

The measuring can be the most important part of knowing how to cut laminate. Measure several times to be certain everything is correct before making the lines in pencil on the top of the laminate.

Step 2 - Cutting

The ideal way to cut laminate is to use a table saw, but make sure there's a 60-tooth carbide blade. You need to have a high tooth count on the blade to offer a truly clean cut. It's important to have complete control of the laminate when cutting to ensure it can't slide or slip. Instead of a table saw it is possible to use a bandsaw or even a router.

For cutting, it's important that the blade is cutting down into the laminate, into the face of it. Ensure that there's a fence of some kind on the saw to push the laminate against and keep it firm. Run the laminate through steadily, taking care to ensure the cut is directly on the marked line.