How to Cut Metal Rings with a Jeweler's Saw

What You'll Need
Safety gloves
Safety glasses
Metal Ring
Cutting Lubricant
Saw Blades
Jeweler's saw

If you regularly need to cut up metal jump rings, then you should consider making use of a jeweler's saw. These saws are designed to have a precision cut which will allow you to cut very thick and very fine metal rings. The highly accurate jeweler's saw can make any cut required to your rings, and give you an accurate severance without causing fractures or damage to the metal which could result in it suffering early fatigue. You can use a jeweler's saw to cut any kind of metal ring, and by using it, you can save yourself a lot of discarded metal.

Step 1 - Prepare

Before you can make any cuts into your metal rings, you need to prepare both yourself and the jeweler's saw for the task ahead. This involves putting on safety gear such as gloves or finger guards and protective glasses. You should also make sure that any loose clothing is removed, jewelery taken off, and that you are free of distractions. You should then take your jeweler's saw, and place it onto a saw table. Take out the saw blades, and replace them with the size of blade that you need. Metal rings should be cut with two teeth touching the metal, so you will need to calculate how wide apart your saw teeth must be. As a final piece of preparation, add some cutting lubricant, or beeswax, to the surface of both the metal ring and the jeweler's saw blade.

Step 2 - Start the Cut

Stand at the saw, with the metal ring held in your left hand. You should place the saw blade into the machine so that the teeth are pointing away from the frame of the saw. You should then place the saw blade as close as possible to the join in the ring. Keep the blade as vertical as possible, and then pull the handle slowly down onto the metal ring. Make sure that you completely depress the handle, so that it penetrates the metal.

Step 3 - Completing the Cut

Once the handle is pressed down, you can then release it, move the ring around, and proceed to press the handle down again. The teeth will only cut when the handle has been pressed down. You need to use long, slow cuts when you are sawing through the ring. Short, quick cuts will only use part of the saw blade, causing it to wear out more quickly, and also failing to get a decent cut onto your ring.

Step 4 - Holding the Ring

If you find it difficult to cut the ring while you are holding it, then you may decide to use a mandrel, or even a wooden pole to hold the ring out. This is a good way of keeping your fingers safe, but you need to make sure that you are not cutting through the pole or the mandrel, as this can cause damage to the blade.