How to Cut Onyx Tiles without Chipping

What You'll Need
Straight edge
Tile wet saw
Find tooth blade

Onyx tiles are usually considered by some to be among the most attractive of all decorative tiles. To some degree, this is because they are made of marble, and because marble is fragile and vulnerable to chipping when being cut, onyx tiles can be quite tricky to cut. Below you'll find information that will help you cut your onyx tiles with little or no chipping or breaking.

Step 1 – Preparing to Cut

Use a pencil and straight edge to make a line you can follow with your saw blade. Wear a pair of goggles or safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying particles. Examine the water basin on your wet saw. Without an adequate water supply when you cut through the hard resin and marble of your tile, your saw blade can overheat, burn its teeth, and ruin the blade's temper.

Step 2 – Sawing Your Onyx Tiles

As you begin you sawing, line up the saw blade with the line you drew. Push your saw slowly along the tile, following the line. Avoid using more than a slight pressure to push the saw. Otherwise, you can cause chipping or breaking of the tile.