How to Cut Out a Wood Threshold How to Cut Out a Wood Threshold

What You'll Need
Coarse sand paper
Screw driver
Small pry bar

A properly fitted wood threshold is very easy to remove.

Step 1 – Locate the Fasteners

Using the coarse sand paper, vigorously clean the top of the threshold. This will expose the screws and nails holding the threshold in place.

Step 2 – Clean the Screw Heads

Typically a wood threshold will be held in place by screws. The heads if these screws will need cleaning to clear the dirt that has accumulated in the driver slots. Any sharp pointed implement can be used for cleaning the slots.

Step 3 – Remove the Screws

Using the correct size and type of screw driver carefully remove the screws. Make sure that your screw driver is ground so that there are no rounded edges to the blade caused by wear. A screwdriver with a rounded edge can slip out of the screwdriver head and cause damage or injury. Apply an even pressure to start the screws turning. If a screw is reluctant to turn try to tighten it a little to break the seal.

Step 4 – Pry the Threshold from the Floor

Put a piece of heavy card under the position you will use your pry bar. Push a corner of the chisel end of the pry bar into or under the threshold (use a hammer to gently tap the pry bar if necessary) and gently apply a downward pressure on the bar. The threshold should come free from the floor easily. If the threshold is particularly reluctant to come away from the floor check to ensure that you have removed all of the screws.

Step 5 – Clean the Floor

The threshold will leave a very clear outline in dirt to show where it was positioned. The bulk of this can be removed by careful scraping with the chisel end of the pry bar. Finish of by using a mild detergent solution and a soft scrubbing brush but don’t soak the floor.

Step 6 – Fill the Screw Holes

Fill the screw holes using plastic wood or putty.

A threshold prevents dirt, water and drafts penetrating under a door so removal should only be in preparation for replacement.

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