How to Cut Perfect Circles with a Rotary Tool

What You'll Need
Rotary cutter
Compass-style rotary cutter
Rotary mat
Plastic circular cutting template
1 Yard of scrap cloth
Item you wish to cut
Safety goggles
Work gloves

Using a rotary tool can be tough, not only do they vibrate when you use them but they also can be heavy. Those 2 things can make cutting any shape tough to do. Yet many times you will need to use the tool to make such a precise cut, so here is a quick and easy how to on how to cut precise circles.


Wear safety goggles and keep the rotary tool away from your hands. Also, avoid all moisture when using the rotary tool to prevent electrocution. Always remember to close the tool and unplug it when it is not in use. You should also keep all pets and little children away from it at all times.

Step 1 - Prepare

Clear off an area for you to work on, which should be sturdy and can support a decent amount of weight. Do not use anything that can shake or move much because that can interfere with the project.

Once you have done that, place the cutting mat out on the table/counter and place the item that you wish to cut over the mat. Then the cloth and next place the template on top of both. Make that they are smooth and are lined up all on top of each other.

Step 2 - Begin To Cut

Open up the tool and retract the guard so you can place the blade on the edge of the template. Then you can begin to cut around the template. Make sure that you do it very closely to the template. Move it around slowly to make a precise cut. Keep doing this until you have made the whole circle. If you need different sizes, go ahead and repeat this and the above step until you have reached all the circles that you need.

Remember to hold the mat and cloth down as you use the rotary tool. This will prevent any mishaps or damage when cutting the circles into the item. Other than that, you can pretty much keep on doing these 2 steps over and over again.

Step 3 - Finish Up

Once you have made all the cutting that you needed to do, slowly pull away the rotary tool and take the template and cuttings you made off the mat. Then pick the cloth, rest of the uncut item and mat after that.

You will need to clean up the surrounding area as well. Like sweep or wipe down the rotary tool down. Both can be done pretty quickly and easily.


Depending on what you will be cutting, the steps might need to be modified. Though these are the basic guidelines to go by, they should stay the same for most types of cutting shapes with rotary tool. Of course, you should wear safety goggles when using any type of power tool, so try to keep that in mind. Also, avoid water when using the tool or anything wet. Safety should come first before working with anything that can become remotely dangerous.