How to Cut Pine Lumber How to Cut Pine Lumber

What You'll Need
Table saw or other cross cut saw
Metal square
Safety goggles
Carpenters pencil

When you go to cut pine lumber for a large project, you will first want to make sure the wood has already been dried and possibly treated.

Step 1 - Cross Cuts on Pine

When you cross cut pine lumber, as in against the grain, the splintering will vary due to the distance between your saw blades teeth. The wider distance between the saws teeth, the more the wood will splinter the edges. These types of cuts should be measured and then cut evenly by using a cross cut saw or table saw that you use by clamping a guide, or fence to your work.

Step 2 - Long Cuts with the Grain

When making strip siding using pine lumber, you want to ensure that the wood has been dried and treated before cutting it, to avoid burn and warping of the wood. As an example, with a table saw, you can mark off one end of your pine plank at 45 degrees, and adjust your saw to cut down through the planks length. Make a guide, to help keep your work steady as you cut it, and once finished, you will have 2 planks for siding, cut tapered at 45 degrees.

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