How to Cut Polyurethane Foam

When you decide to use polyurethane foam, undoubtedly you are going to have to figure out how to cut the polyurethane foam itself. Polyurethane foam itself is often used for deadening sound, insulation in floatation devices, packing materials and in simple upholstery. However you will find that it can be quit difficult to cut and shape as you want. The best and most efficient way to cut your foam is to go to a company that has a CNC Machine. The machines that are available are made with oscillating blades, which cut vertically or horizontally.  

Accuracy Versus Speed

Typically you will find that you will find that the machines you are using are either incredibly fast or incredibly accurate, but not both. Recently, machines have been created that now have a horizontal and a vertical blade this fact increases both the accuracy and the speed. If you are looking for something that can be made at home, you can find several ways to make a hot wire cutter. This is literally a wire that is drawn tight and then superheated so that it reaches a temperature so hot that it simply slices through the polyurethane foam.  

In a Pinch

If you are very desperate, a simple turkey carver will do the trick. It may not be the most clean cut way to get the job done, but when you are in a bind, it is a quick way to solve your problem.