How to Cut Retaining Wall Block

Cutting retaining wall block can be a lengthy and dangerous procedure if not performed correctly. The key to safely and properly cutting stone blocks for your retaining wall is caution.

Set and Mark the Stone

Use a diamond blade in a circular saw to cut the stone. Before you begin, set the stone between two sturdy wooden sawhorses and carefully mark a pencil line all the way around the stone at the line of the cut.

Keep the Saw Cool

While you are cutting the stone with the circular saw, watch for any signs of overheating or sparks. If you notice any, turn the saw off immediately and sprinkle drops of water over the cut line. Allow the saw and stone to cool before continuing. It is also important that you clear away any excess dust that builds up periodically.

The Trick to Finishing

Before you complete the cut, carefully maneuver the sawhorses so that they lie closer together. This will prevent the heavy stone pieces from falling on the ground and potentially hurting someone. Once you are sure that the stone will not fall, restart the saw and complete the cut along the line that you have set.


Diamond blades and circular saws are available at most hardware stores.