How to Cut Sandpaper to Fit Your Sander

What You'll Need
Hacksaw blade
Wood for handle
Wood screws
Sheet metal
Metal shears
Drill with bits
Zip ties
Paper cutter
Marking pen

Cut sandpaper to fit your sander but never use a pair scissors. A single heet of sandpaper can dull scissors. A utility knife will do a lot better and you will probably get 2 cuts per blade. You will need to replace blades often to cut a full 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of sandpaper into quarter sheets to fit a palm sander. Buying pre-cut sandpaper may even a better way to solve the problem but if you do cut your own, try following these suggestions to save mney.

Step 1 – Hacksaw Use

Use a hacksaw blade by attaching it to a piece of wood with a screwdriver and wood screws to use as a handle. This type blade will stand up the abuse sandpaper grit will exact on its teeth. Another method of cutting sandpaper with a hacksaw is to mount the saw on a piece of plywood with wood screws and a screwdriver where you can draw lines for different cuts-- 1/2 sheet, 1/3 sheet and a 1/4 sheet by using an indelible marker. Slide the paper under the blade to the desired size at the designated mark and tear it away.

Step 2 – Sheet Metal Tear

To use an odd piece of sheet metal that has been sitting around the shop, take a pair of stomp shears or something else you can use to cut the sheet metal straight. Size the cut piece the same size as the sandpaper you need. Place larger sandpaper under the sheet metal piece and tear away the sandpaper that is not under the sheet metal. You can make several sheets for the various hand sander blocks you own as well as for your palm sanders. Drill holes in each sheet and insert a plastic tie to make a loop. Mark each with the sandpaper size for easy identification and hand them on a pegboard in your workshop or garage.

Step 3 – Old-fashioned Paper Cutter

Locate an old-fashioned paper cutter--one with a blade cutter that is pressed down onto the surface area to be cut. You can cut multiple sheets of sandpaper at once, plus, you can remove the cutter blade for frequent sharpening with your bench grinder. Make marks along the cutter size guide for your particular sandpaper size needs.