How to Cut Sheet Metal with an Angle Grinder

What You'll Need
4 inch angle grinder
Cutting blade
Protective overalls and face mask
Working gloves, ear protection and goggles

An angle grinder can be used on different materials such as metal, tiles, pavers, and rout out mortar. Its functions include grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing and sharpening materials depending on the application. To cut sheet metal, obtain a cutting blade and fix it to the device.

Step 1 – Assemble Angle Grinder

Make sure that the blade is fastened and securely fixed to an angle grinder. Clear out enough space and put on protective gear. Plug in the machine to a power outlet and pay attention while using the grinder.

Step 2 – Cut Metal Sheet

Place the metal sheet to be cut on a stable support and mark out the length to be cut. Use a steel ruler and marking pencil or pen. Turn on the angle grinder and direct it along the marked line. Be stable and pay attention when using the tool. Do not push the angle grinder; control it as it cuts through the metal sheet.

Step 3 – Polish Metal Edges

For a smooth and clean finish, replace the cutting blade with a sanding or polishing pad to smoothen sharp and rough edges.