How to Cut Sheetrock

hand using crowbar on hole in sheetrock
  • 1-100 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-100
What You'll Need
Straight Edge
Razor Knife
Drywall Saw
Tape Measure

Cutting sheetrock is one of the easiest jobs to do, regardless of your level of skill. As a do-it-yourselfer, you can easily and quickly become proficient in cutting drywall sheets suitable for hanging during your home remodeling jobs and projects.

It is a good idea to get your hands on a practice piece of drywall to build your skill level and gain additional confidence as you learn how to cut sheetrock.

Make a Score Line

To get a straight cut use another piece of sheetrock (with a perfectly straight edge) or a straight edge ruler and pencil to draw a line on both sides of the sheetrock piece that you intend to cut.

Use a tape measure to make sure that your lines are in alignment for you to properly score the sheetrock for cutting.

Score the Sheetrock

After you have drawn a line on both sides of the sheetrock, use a razor knife and run it along the edge of the sheetrock. The razor knife should be sharp and it should puncture the paper backing on the sheetrock. Perform this same action on the reverse side of the sheetrock. When scoring the sheetrock for the first time, take your time to make sure that you properly score the sheetrock on both sides. Over time, you will be able to do this more quickly and precisely.

Pop the Sheetrock

Once you have scored both sides of the sheetrock, take the piece and bend it both inward and outward. This will cause the paper to give way and you should hear a snapping sound, indicating that the sheetrock has been cut successfully. Separate the 2 pieces and use them in your sheetrock wall construction.

When snapping the drywall pieces, be careful not to break the paper so much that it tears. Using a sharp razor knife will prevent this from happening. You will need to change the blades in your razor knife periodically in order to ensure that it remains sharp and ready to use.

Cutting Outlet Boxes

On a sheetrock wall that has already been installed, you will need to make allowances for circuit boxes and outlets. Use a drill to make a hole inside the outlet box cutout. This should be drawn with a pencil and measured in the place where the outlet will be installed. Take the pinhole drywall saw to cut out the box shape. A sanding box or piece of sandpaper can be used to finish the cut and even out the box to make it easier for the box to fit.