How to Cut Slate Floor Tiles

Cutting slate floor tiles is a relatively easy undertaking. Anyone who has a knack for DIY jobs can easily go about cutting these types of tiles. This is because a slate tile is a natural stone that is created from hardened mud. Slate tiles may come in different thickness but no matter the thickness of a slate tile, cutting it is not a problem as long as you have the right materials. Having a general idea of how to cut the tile also helps.

Here are some easy steps for cutting a slate floor tile:

Tools and Materials Needed:

Slate floor tiles

Measuring tape

Wet saw


Safety glasses



Old newspapers



Step 1 – Know the Number of Tiles Needed

Get the measuring tape and measure the floor area of the space where the tiles are supposed to be installed. This will help you determine the size and number of tiles needed to cover the whole area. You can start measuring from the middle of the room to the wall or at the edge of the room where the tiles will go.

Step 2 – Prep the Entire Work Area

Lay down old newspapers on the area where you plan to cut the tiles. The newspapers will ensure that any mess that may result from tile cutting is easily cleaned out. Make sure that your designated workplace is near an accessible power outlet. You will be using a power source for plugging your wet saw later.

Step 3 – Don Safety Gear

Wear goggles, gloves, and mask for protection. You should always wear safety gear when doing any type of construction work. Since you will be cutting with a saw, make sure that the gloves you wear are thick but comfortable. The goggles will help protect your eyes from any debris that may result from cutting the tiles.

Step 4 – Familiarize Yourself with the Proper Way of Cutting the Tile

Plug the wet saw in and see if it is functioning. Take spare pieces of tiles and practice cutting them with the wet saw before cutting actual tiles that you plan to fit onto the floor. If you have no experience with a wet saw or any kind of saw, ask a friend to teach you with the basics. Use slow, steady strokes with the saw for safety and precision.

Step 5 – Mark the Tiles

Mark the back of the tiles using a pencil to indicate which tiles go where. You can also draw lines at the back of the tiles as an indicator of where you will need to cut.

Step 6 – Start Cutting

Start cutting the tiles one by one following the marks you have made earlier in Step 5. Take extra care when cutting to avoid injuries. The wet saw might spill water; therefore, make sure that you have rugs and mops for cleaning up the mess later.

When cutting slate tiles, it is best to use a wet saw with a pre-installed table for the tiles to fit into. If a wet saw is not available, other types of saw may be used. Be careful not to use the hacksaw, however, as this will not help you get the precision needed to perfectly lay the tiles on the floor.