How to Cut Small Slate Tiles

What You'll Need
Slate cutter
Thin snips
Pencil straightedge
Masonry table
Portable circular saw
Safety goggles

There are a variety of ways to cut small slate tiles but the process will be made easier with the use of the right tools and equipment. Observe proper safety precautions when using power tools to cut small slate tiles.

Step 1 – Cut Small Slate Tiles with Slate Cutter

Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes during the entire procedure. Use a pencil and a straightedge to mark a line on the back of the slate tiles. Place the slate tile on the slate cutter and lower the handle to cut a straight line. You may use tin snips to create curves or small cuts on small pieces of slate tiles.

Step 2 – Cut Slate Tiles with Circular Saw

Mark a straight line on the back of the slate tiles with a pencil. Place the slate tile on the masonry table and use a circular saw or angle grinder (with a diamond edged blade) to cut through the straight line. Never use a hack saw to cut slate tiles as this will result in poor quality tile cuts.

Take extra care when handling power tools and observe proper safety procedures when working with cutting equipment.