How to Cut the Inside Corner of a Vinyl Baseboard

What You'll Need
Miter saw
Coping saw
Vinyl baseboard
Ear plugs
Protective glasses

A vinyl baseboard is an inexpensive alternative to wood and other style of trim. Vinyl baseboard, like any other kind, needs to be cut in order to fit into the corners of a wall. The article below will explain how to cut the inside corner of a vinyl baseboard.

Step 1 – Place the First Piece

Cut the first section of the baseboard at a 45-degree angle on the miter saw by adjusingt the blade to the outside angle and selecting 45-degrees on the saw. Place this piece on the wall.

Step 2 - Line Up the Second Piece

Put the next piece on the other side of the wall. Draw a line on this piece where it intersects with the first piece.

Step 3 – Cut the Inside Angle

Place the vinyl baseboard on the miter saw and adjust the blade to the inside edge and set it at a 45-degree angle. Cut the vinyl baseboard.

Step 4 – Make it Fit

Simply creating two 45-degree angle cuts will not create a a perfect fit for the vinyl baseboard. You have to use the coping saw to remove the angular portion of the vinyl baseboard. Test the fit and then adjust it as needed until both pieces butt up against each other.