How to Cut Tin Roofing How to Cut Tin Roofing

Using tin roofing has its advantages. For one, this type of roofing material can be cut and shaped according to your specifications. Tin is also lighter than other types of materials, which allows for easy installation. Still, you need to take proper care when cutting tin sheets for your roofing.

Step 1 - Measure and Mark the Cut Lines on the Tin Roofing

Using a tape measure, you must first measure the size of roofing material that you need. With a marker pen, mark the points and edges that you will cut. For long straight lines, use tools like T-square or ruler to ensure correct alignment.  When finished, you will have the layout for the tin panel that you have specified.

Step 2 - Cut Along the Marked Lines

Put on your working gloves and then cut along the lines that you have marked out. For more accurate cutting action, use a tin snip that is most appropriate for your work. A right hand snip is perfect if the area to the right of the layout lines will be discarded, while a left hand snip is appropriate if the wasted area will be to the left of the tin sheet. To easily make intricate cuts and create openings in the middle of the roofing panel, you can use a center cut snip. If you want to make all sorts of cutting action with just one tool, invest in a circular saw with adjustable blade.

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