How to Cut T-Molding

When you install laminate, you may also need to install t-molding. T-molding provides the floor with an expansion gap and it gives you a professional edging where it meets another type of flooring. In order to install the t-molding, you will need to cut it first. T-molding comes in sticks that are approximately 6 to 7 feet long. Therefore, when you have a normal sized doorway, you will first have to make a cut. Here are the basics of how to cut a t-mold.

Measure the Opening

The first thing that you need to do is determine how big of a piece you need. Take a tape measure and get the dimension of the doorway where the t-molding will be placed. Measure it as accurately as possible so that you can make an accurate cut, try to measure at least three times before you cut.

Make the Cut

Then, make a mark on the t-mold in the appropriate place. Hold it firmly underneath the saw and then press down on the saw firmly. Making a good, solid cut will ensure that the cut edge of the t-molding is smooth and ready to install. You can nail down the molding after applying glue to be sure it is placed where you need it to be.