How to Cut Travertine Floor Tiles

What You'll Need
Angle grinder
Diamond blade
Wet saw
Extension power cords (optional)
Work surface
Measuring tape
Carpenters square
Straight edge
Diamond-grit sandpaper
Safety goggles

Travertine floor tiles are beautiful when laid out nicely. As with any type of tile you may find yourself needing to cut travertine floor tiles. Cutting travertine floor tiles is not an overly difficult job but it does take some getting used to. The article below will explain how travertine floor tiles are cut so that you can do the project yourself.

Step 1 – Mark the Tile 

In order to cut travertine floor tiles you need to know where to cut. Use the measuring tape to determine the size of the space where the tile needs to go. Transfer those measurements to the tile with a pencil and straight edge to ensure your lines are accurate. 

Step 2 – Choose the Saw

You have saws available to you for this project. The first is the wet saw and the second is the angle grinder. For simple cuts like an “L” or straight lines then select the wet saw. If you need corners cut for a jamb of a door or shower head then select the angle grinder with the diamond-tipped blade.

Step 3 – Using the Wet Saw 

Start with the wet saw and make sure it is turned off. Place the tile to be cut on the table and check multiple times that it is square. Do this by lining your pencil marks up with the blade. Turn the wet saw on and then cut the tile going slowly. If you try to go too fast the tile can chip. Make sure you are wearing your safety goggles. This is for a straight cut. If you need to cut an “L” shape then cut along the pencil marks where they intersect. Turn the tile so that the next line is along the blade and then cut. Make sure the saw is off when you turn the tile. Turn off the saw and then gently apply pressure to the tile along the cuts. This pressure will snap the tile. You may need to clean the angle cut using the grinder or sander as when making this type of cut you cannot cut through the entire tile.

Step 4 – Using the Angle Grinder

This tool is used to create angles in travertine floor tiles. A wet saw can do the job but the angle grinder is less time consuming and easier to use. Mark the area to be cut as you did in Step 1. Make sure the diamond-tipped blade is on the grinder and you are wearing your goggles. Place the tile on the work surface and then slowly and methodically cut the tile along the pencil line. Going too fast can damage travertine floor tiles.

Step 5 – Cleanup

Use a damp rag to wipe away the pencil marks or use acetone if the pencil marks are being difficult. If some of your travertine floor tiles will be front-facing then sand down the cut edges.