How to Cut Window Trim with a Miter Saw

Window trim is the decorative wood slats that frame a window, giving it a bit of style. It provides a nice alternative to plain or undecorated windows. In order to cut the window trim to size, a miter saw is necessary. A miter saw is most commonly a handle and blade fixed on a pivot point. When you loosen the lock, the saw can be swung on the pivot and then locked into place again. This allows you to cut wood at a precise angle. The piece of wood rests snugly against a backing fence while the blade makes the cut.

Cutting Window Trim with a Miter Saw

In order to make the proper cuts in the window trim, the miter saw must be fixed at a 45 degree angle. On the metal bed of the saw is a half circle of marks representing 180 degrees. There is a handle protruding out from the front. When loosened, the whole blade turns and can be aligned with one of the hash marks that indicates the degree of the cut. To trim a window, you should end up with 4 trapezoidal pieces of wood. Make the right measurement of length by measuring along the inside edge of the trim. When done correctly, the 4 pieces should align around the window box.

A miter saw is the tool of choice when cutting wood for window trim. It lets you make precise 45 degree angle cuts so the windows are perfectly framed.