How to Cut Wooden Corbels

Wooden corbels according to architectural terms are a piece of material that is used to support something. It could be used to support a shelf or to hang a pot. It is a great way to change the look of any old shelf or just to enhance a particular area or part of a person’s house; it can be very simple or very artistic and can be made from different types of wood depending on what you want it to be made from.

Tools and Materials

  • Wooden plank around 4 inches thick
  • Jig saw or a hand saw
  • Pencil
  • Wood file
  • Sand paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood polish or paints for the finishing

Step 1: Take Notes of the Measurement

Take a proper measurement of the place where you want to place the corbel. You need to measure the height, breadth and length of the space available and note that down with the help of the measuring tape. Reconfirm the measurements once again to make sure it's correct.

Step 2: Mark the Measurement on the Wooden Plank

Once you have the measurement, take the plank of wood and mark the measurements accordingly. If you are new to this you can even draw a rectangle/square depending on the measurement of the, height, breadth and length.

Step 3: Draw the Curve

After that draw a simple curve diagonally from the one point of the length to the other side of the height. You can even use the rectangle/square as a guide to make sure that you are drawing the curve according to the correct measurements.

Step 4: Cut According to the Measurement

Then take the hand saw and start sawing on the figure that you have drawn on the wooden plank slowly and carefully with a lot of patience and have a steady hand when you are cutting the basic shape of the corbel.

Step 5: Make the Edges Smooth and Neat

Once you finish cutting the basic shape, then you can start working on the actual features, the type of style or the design that you have in your mind and if need be you can carve on the basic figure with the help of the sandpaper of the saw depending on how deep you want. Take the sand paper to make the edges smooth and to make the design look more neat and clean.

Step 6: Give the Required Finishing

File the edges properly and neatly with the sand paper, so that the finishing can look really nice. You can give the corbel whatever sort of finishing you want. If you want to leave it plain, then you can simply use a good quality wooden polish to shine the wood so that it looks nice and presentable. If you are good at painting then you can always go ahead and draw whatever design you want and give it a finishing touch with different colors of paints to make it look nice and colorful.