How to Decide If an Old Buffet Table is Shabby-Chic or Just Shabby

You may have an old buffet table and are pondering if it can become shabby-chic or, if it is just shabby and needs to go into the trash.

Shabby-chic is an often used term to describe a style of decorating that uses various styles of furniture, usually painted white or light pastel colors. Often there is crackling of paint and worn spots to give it an aged appearance. This is combined with florals, checks and stripes to give a look of pieces being collected over many years when in fact, you may have recently acquired everything in the room.

An old buffet table can be shabby-chic with a bit of paint and some new hardware. A simple switching of hardware and knobs can turn drab to shabby-chic. A favorite knob for shabby-chic pieces are the glass ones, both plain and faceted.

If the old buffet table is wobbly, badly warped or has an odor then you may want to reconsider putting much effort into it. However wood joints can be tightened with wood glue or wood expander and odors can be removed by washing with hot water with a bit of bleach and then air drying in the sun. The decision is dependent on how much work you want to put into the piece and how much you like it. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.