How to Decide What Size Brake Rotors to Use in Your Car

One of the parts that you must replace in a car with lots of use is the brake rotors. The rotors are the part that the actual brake pad compresses onto in order to stop the vehicle. When the brake rotors are pitted or have grooves in them, you will need to replace them for consistent braking. Finding what proper size rotors to use is something you should need to know when you replace them.

Sizes Stamped on Rotor

If the rotor has not been worn down too much, you will be able to see the size stamped right on the rotor itself. It will be in millimeters and usually on the wheel side of the rotor. 

Measure Diameter of Used Rotor

Another way to get a good idea of the size of rotor you will need for your vehicle is to measure the outside diameter of the used rotor. This will give you a fairly accurate reading.

Size of Tire

If you are using a larger tire size, as in the case of a pickup truck, you will need to know this size when you order a new rotor. For the most part, the larger the tire you are using, the larger the rotor you will have to use,