How to Decide which Auto Window Visor is Best for Your Car How to Decide which Auto Window Visor is Best for Your Car

Shopping for an auto window visor can make time spent in your car a safer and more pleasurable experience. Motorists who drive east to work in the morning and west to return home are particularly vulnerable to blinding sunlight that could lead to an accident. These same motorists are more prone to headaches and irritability that could affect job performance and add to family stress. Deciding which auto visor is best for your car depends on each individuals needs and likes.

Visor Attachments

There are many visor attachments on the market that can be added to your car’s original visor which allows you to customize accordingly. Tinted visors that deal primarily with sun glare can be attached not only to the bottom of the driver’s side visor, but to the passenger side as well. The passenger attachment can be utilized by the driver if the sun is to the north or south while commuting. Similarly, rear and side window visors can be attached to help with glare from other vehicles, and to help reduce heat buildup during hot summer days.

Additional Attachment Options

These attachments can normally be used in conjunction with visors that hold CDs and even cell phones to keep objects that catch and reflect sun glare up and out of the way.

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