How to Decorate a Bed Canopy How to Decorate a Bed Canopy

What You'll Need
Blue satin
Black gauze
Epoxy glue
Photograph paper
Star image
Fabric glue
Fine tip marker

A bed canopy adds a taste of romance to any bedroom. A bed canopy, unfortunately, can be bland but you can spruce it up in many ways. The fabric can be tied back, the colors changed and other such stylish changes. The following article will show you how to decorate a bed canopy to be a whimsical starry night.

Step 1 - Creating the Stars

A night sky would not be much without stars. Use your computer and obtain a basic star shape then print it out on paper. If you have some graphics ability, then create stars of varying sizes on one sheet of paper. After the stars have been printed cut them out and use them as templates. Photograph paper is shiny on one side and plain on the other. You want to work on the shiny side of the photograph paper. Place the star templates on the photograph paper then trace them with the fine tip marker. Draw as many stars as you would like to use on your bed canopy. Cut each star out and lay them on a work surface. Apply the glue to the front of the stars and dust them with the glitter. As they dry you can continue with the other steps.

Step 2 - Bed Canopy Fabric

The blue satin fabric will be the underlay of the bed canopy and the black gauze will be the overlay. Spread the blue satin out on the floor so that there are no wrinkles. Spread the black gauze fabric out and lay it on top of the blue satin. Go along the edges of both fabrics and make sure they are lined up. Place a few books, or other heavy object, at the corners of the fabric in order to hold it in place. Use the fabric glue and place beads of it along the edges spacing the glue dots several inches apart. Place several dots in the center of the layered fabric as well. This allows the fabric to stay together while still being able to bellow out slightly. You may add more glue to the top to create panels.

Step 3 - Adding the Stars

Fabric glue sets fairly quickly so once the stars are dried you can then add them to the fabric. Apply a small drop of epoxy to each tip of the stars and begin placing them all over the two fabrics. Use varying sizes of stars  to make star groupings and clump them together of spread them out however you like. Allow the stars to dry completely to the fabric before moving forward.

Step 4 - Placing the Bed Canopy

You may need help to place the bed canopy. The side of the fabric with the stars is the bottom so carefully turn the fabric over. Climb the ladder and, with the help of a friend, drape the fabric over the bed then center it. Finish by wrapping the bed canopy corners around the bed posts.

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