How To Decorate A Screen Porch

A screen porch can be a wonderful place for the family to gather or to simply enjoy your morning coffee while the weather is seasonable. Decorating a screen porch is simple, and following these ideas can help turn a bare space into a relaxing outdoor retreat, minus the mosquitoes.


You could have 2 seating arrangements on your screened porch. The first would be a table for meals, the second a conversation area with a lower table with a casual loveseat or chair. If your porch is not large enough for both, choose one set of furniture that works for your specific needs.

Do not crowd the space with too much furniture. Overwhelming a space will make it appear cramped and uncomfortable. Additional furniture such as shelving or planters can be used in corners or against the wall and will add depth to your design. Plants, flowers or fun decorative items can be placed on the shelves and changed with the seasons. Be certain that any flowers or plants you place on your porch can thrive in the shade.


Paper lanterns, Christmas lights or other seasonal strings of lights can be fun and add a touch of whimsy to your evenings on the porch. Be certain that the lights you choose are suitable for outdoor use, and never leave them on unattended.

You can also add lanterns or candles to your side table or dining table. Candles and lanterns can create a warm glow, but be certain that they are extinguished properly and never left unattended while burning. Solar lanterns are ideal as they can recharge themselves. With these, you do not need to worry about batteries or kerosene.

Wall Hangings

Add wall hangings to the solid wall that your porch shares with the house. Garden shops often have interesting and whimsical creations specifically designed for outdoor use. You can find items from clocks to flowers to thermometers in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Make certain that any items you hang on your wall coordinate in style and color with the rest of your porch. For instance, do not hang an ultra-modern chrome piece of art in a porch with rustic wood tables and country floral decorative items. While everything does not have to match perfectly, you should try to keep your design consistent.


For a romantic look on your screened porch, consider hanging floor-to-ceiling fabric in the corners of the space. Gauzy, sheer fabrics work best for this type of look, and it can create the illusion of window treatments without obstructing your view.

Measure the amount of fabric you will need and tack it to the ceiling. It is best to overestimate the amount you will need since fabric can be gathered to a specific size. Be certain the fabric hangs so that the tacks are not visible. Gather the fabric in the center and secure it with window hardware or tiebacks. You can try different heights for the tieback placement and use what looks best.