How To Decorate A Swing Set

Decorate your swing set create a custom designed play area. This is an excellent project in which to involve your children and let them explore their own creative and decorating talents. You can decorate the swing set in any style you can imagine.

Materials to Use

Use a vinyl or plastic material for the design elements.  They can be affixed to a metal or wood swing set with screws or a weather-resistant spray adhesive, like Super Glue.

If you choose to apply paint directly to the swing set, use an outdoor paint that is designed to withstand rain and extreme temperatures.

Make a Design Template

Create a design template with a theme for the children to decorate. For example, you can create a fairyland theme, wizards and dragons, sports or whatever your children's favorite storybook. If you can't decide or agree, ask your kids for design ideas, place them in a hat and choose the one that they will help create.

Cut Patterns and Shapes and Apply Them to the Swing Set

Once you have chosen your design theme and created a template, assist your children in cutting out patterns and decorating the forms and shapes that will be attached to the swing set. You should never let children use power tools, but allow them as much hands-on experience as possible.