How to Decorate a Wedding Venue

When planning a wedding, you get to choose from a host of wedding venues. Wedding venues can include a church, home, a hotel banquet hall, the beach or any other place that appears to be appropriate to the theme of the wedding.

Understand the Theme for Decoration

Decorating the venue is no easy job. First, decide on the theme and choose a venue that can accommodate all your guests. Start with the entrance. Decorate it with plants or flowers to create and create a greeting area. The plants and flowers can be seasonal, just be sure they set the tone and mood of the wedding theme. You can also consider having a welcome arch with leaves and flowers at the entrance or a large photo of the couple.

Next, decorate the main hall. Use flowers and plants to decorate the hall as well, keep the theme consistent. You can also include other items such as candles, hearts or snowflakes. The items that are incorporated will depend on the wedding theme. For example, a winter wedding can include snowflakes and an evening wedding can have candles. You can use battery operated candles to add a warm glow to the rooms. Just have them placed at strategic corners or on high places. If the venue is an open area such as a beach, then you can organize a sand sculpture that symbolizes what marriage means to you.

Lighten Up Your Wedding Venue

If your wedding venue has a stairway, decorate the banisters with organza to add a touch of class to your wedding décor. Add lights to the organza for a special effect. They will make a great background for the bride as she descends the staircase on the way to the altar.

Another way to brighten up a room is to place flower vases on the window sills. Blooms here will make people forget to see what is outside the window – a great solution if the view from your windows is not so great.

Decorating Wedding Venue with Flowers

Placing low or short flowers on the tables were your guests are to eat will also help breathe new life to your reception area. If the room has a fireplace that is not being used, fill it with brightly colored flowers to create a warm glow.

Add Glamour

The place mats and name holders should be designed according to the wedding theme. Also, use colored glassware to add a touch of interest to the room. Yet another way of adding a touch of glamour to your wedding décor is to tie satin sashes on the chairs. You can pin the place cards on these. Make sure that the place cards are written on with a special font. The color of the satin ribbons should match the color scheme of your wedding theme.

Decorate the bar area with scented candles in bright colors. Leave glass bowls filled with sweets and savories for your guests to help themselves to. Again make sure that the entire effort is color coordinated to get maximum mileage out of these arrangements.