How to Decorate an English Country Style Bedroom How to Decorate an English Country Style Bedroom

What You'll Need
Throw Pillows

English country style refers to a wonderfully comfortable way of decorating; in this style absolutely nothing matches! Some people find this kind of chaotic decorating a bit unsettling. If you want your bedroom to have the lived-in feel, then this style is for you.

Step 1 - Finding Pieces

The point of the English country style is that all of the pieces look as though your grandmother passed them down to you; so, you can't really go to any furniture store. But, you can look online for antiques, or really put in the work and go to flea markets, antique stores or even garage sales. Remember, the more broken-in it looks, the better; within reason of course.

Step 2 - Walls

The colors of an English style bedroom are generally soft shades of the pastel family; such as lilac, cream, blue and green. You could paper the walls with a floral print, but it's best to paint the walls a solid color; you can even do a whitewash too, for a genuine feel. You can also add a stencil border.

As for floral prints, you should leave those for fabrics.

Step 3 - The Bed

Since the bed is the centerpiece of the room, the best styles are wrought-iron, brass or a bed made of wood. The covering for your bed should be a quilt, one of patchwork, which looks, or actually is, handmade. You will also want a bed skirt, preferably with a light floral pattern. Next are pillows, lots of different pillows. Again, keep in mind that nothing is supposed to match.

Step 4 - Furniture

Try to find furniture made of fine woods, such as walnut or mahogany, if possible. You can also use furniture which has been painted or even wicker. If you have the space, try to find a large dresser, maybe one with a mirror attached. A night table is also needed; you can always get a plain table that is round and cover it, making certain that the table skirt reaches the floor. Another furniture piece to be on the lookout for is a settee or maybe a bench for the end of the bed.

Step 5 - Lights

When it comes to lighting, you want your English country style bedroom to be soft, so use table lamps; keep it simple with wood, brass or ceramic. For the lampshades, they should be plain; they can even be made of paper, upon which you can stencil. When you stencil a lampshade, use country elements, like trees or leaves.

Step 6 - Floors

A traditional country style bedroom has hardwood floors, with many throw rugs of different sizes, colors and textures. Just remember to stick within the pastel color palette.

Step 7 - Windows

On the windows, there should be full curtains, again with a light floral pattern.

Step 8 - Finishing Touches

Hang family or scenic pictures, in wooden or metal frames. Fresh flowers in a little jug are a nice touch.

Just remember, in this style you do not want one piece to really stand out. It may look random, but it actually takes work to look this disorganized.

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