How to Decorate Boat Lift Canopies How to Decorate Boat Lift Canopies

What You'll Need
Duck fabric
Fabric adhesive
LED lights
Fabric paint
Scrub brush
Oil-free dish detergent

Boat lift canopies are often very plain. This can change, as your canopy can be decorated and adorned in a variety of ways. You can paint on the canopy, but you can also stitch and string lights to it. The article below will explain how to properly decorate your boat lift canopy.

Step 1 – Clean the Canopy

If you are stringing lights you can skip this step. If stenciling or adding appliques, then clean the fabric. Scrub it down with water and detergent, and then wipe it dry.

Step 2 – Adding Appliques

These are essentially patches, but you do not want to add them by sewing them. Use the scissors to cut the duck fabric to the design you want, typically letters, and then place them on the canopy. Adhere them using fabric adhesive. This will keep the applique in place, while being waterproof.

Step 3 – Stenciling

Create or buy stencils and tape them to the canopy. Brush over them with fabric paint and, once dry, spray polyurethane over the design to protect it from the elements.

Step 4 – Lights

Use LED lights, and clip them around the perimeter of the canopy. Use lights that have a portable battery pack for power.

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