How to Decorate Concrete Blocks

What You'll Need
Concrete cleaner
Scrub brush
Semi gloss or satin paint
Thick paint roller
Small paint roller
Clear spray varnish
Painter's tape
Pressure washer

Unfinished concrete blocks are drab, boring to look at and add little to your home in terms of beauty. You can change all of that by decorating your concrete blocks. You can use paint and stencils to create wonderful designs on the concrete blocks.

Step 1 - Cleaning the Concrete Blocks

In order to get paint to adhere to concrete you first need to begin with a clean surface. Always start cleaning concrete block by scrubbing them a basic mixture of soap and water. Use a scrub brush and clean it as thoroughly as you can in order to remove dirt and other debris. With this clean surface you can now use the concrete cleaner. Put on a pair of gloves and use the scrub brush to apply the cleaner. The white powder that is on many blocks of concrete will not be removed with soap water but this cleaner will do the trick. Follow the instructions for the product your purchased. To remove this chemical agent you will need to use the pressure washer. Spray the concrete at 15 degrees with 2500 psi and 12 inches from the concrete.

Step 2 - Filling the Concrete

Concrete block takes a beating and holes are common. Apply a thick layer of primer fill to any holes you see using a paintbrush. Use a paint roller to smooth the primer on to the concrete as soon as possible. Follow the instructions of the primer to see how long it has to dry.

Step 3 - Base Paint

The gray concrete does not make for a great background. When the primer has dried you can paint the concrete any base color that you want. Use the acrylic paint and a roller to apply the first coat. Wait for the paint to dry before applying a second coat.

Step 4 - Applying the Design

When the base coat is dry you can now attach the design to the concrete blocks. Decide where you want your design to start and use the painter's tape to affix the stencil. Remember, if your stencil consists of more than one color you will need one stencil per color. Work with a single color at a time and use a small roller to apply the paint. You may have to go over the stencil several times to get the paint into the pores of the concrete. Wait for the first color to be dry before moving on to other colors.

Step 5 - Finishing

When you're done; remove all the stencils and the tape. Wait for the paint to be completely dry then spray the entire wall with the clear varnish. This will help preserve all of the hard work you just put in to painting the concrete blocks. If you are working on individual blocks then allow the varnish to dry before moving them.