How To Decorate Kitchen Island Carts

Decorating kitchen island carts is a great way to inexpensively add to the kitchen decor. You can decorate your kitchen island cart with several different materials and techniques.

With some paint brushes, foam brushes, or even sponges, you can easily make a dull kitchen island cart into a bright, clean piece of kitchen furniture.


Depending on the theme of your kitchen, a good way to decorate your kitchen island cart is to apply a few coats of stain. This stain can be as dark as you want to make it.

There are two different kinds of kitchen island carts. The first is stationary, and usually in the middle of the kitchen. The other is a portable kitchen island that can be rolled from place to place depending on where you need to use it. You can decorate the island with tiles, but you will want to keep it contained to the stationary island.

You don't usually think of lights as kitchen decor, but on kitchen island carts they can be easily moved from place to place to create a different ambiance in the room. These can be small lights that attach to the sides, or the bottom, of the island.