How to Decorate with an Entry Table Mirror How to Decorate with an Entry Table Mirror

What You'll Need
Entry table
Ornamental objects

An entry table mirror is a charming way to spruce up the entrance to your home. It gives your home a classy ambiance and gives the illusion of a larger space. This article will help you decorate with your entry table mirror.

Step 1 – Positioning the Entry Table Mirror

Place a console table opposite the front door. Make sure that you pick the entry table keeping in mind the space. It should not block the entrance. If space is a concern, avoid a round table.

Hang the mirror a few inches above the top of the table. A mirror with a frame that works well with the tone and the material of the table is ideal. Take care that you clean the mirror regularly so that it is clear.

Step 2 – Adding Visual Appeal

The light of a lamp placed on the entry table creates warmth. However, avoid placing it in the center of the mirror.

Flowers, quirky knick knacks picked up during your travels, candles and other catchy items will give you and your guests the right welcome as you step into the house.

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