How to Decorate with Drapery How to Decorate with Drapery

Drapery can be the ultimate way to top off the décor in any room. You can also base your room décor on a set of window treatments that you have fallen in love with, which will have an effect on the feel of your room.

Drapery Fabric

Choosing from the many different fabrics for your drapery is just as important as the style and color. For living areas, a sheer fabric is among the popular choice.  If you are putting drapery up a bedroom of any sort usually means that you are going to need a more heavy fabric, this makes the drapery serve 2 functions: Practical, because it will help block the sunlight in those early morning hours when you want to sleep in, and stylish for your choice of décor.

Choosing Your Style and Color

Naturally you are going to want to choose colors that match your décor. 

Step 1 - Baby's Room

If you are decorating a nursery, you will likely want to find light pastels that may or may not have cute baby patterns. A sheer curtain in a baby’s room is a bad idea for the same reason it would be bad in any bedroom. Sunlight will come in and wake the baby, causing stress to the whole family.

Step 2 - Common Area

If you are decorating a common area such as a living room or a dining room, you can choose the sheer fabric and get creative. Choose colors that match your décor and get classy or funky. For larger windows, you can buy several panels and drape a couple of panels over the ends of the drapery rods to create a Victorian or classy ambiance.

Step 3 - Kitchen

For those smaller kitchen windows, the classic bar-style draperies are popular. You will usually find these will come in a package with a panel and a valance. The valance will go at the top of your window and the panel will be hung just slightly lower than the valance.  

Step 4 - Accessories

You can really complete the look of your décor with accessories for your drapery. The drapery rod can be a decoration all by itself.

  • Drapery rods can have beautiful pieces of art at either end. From statues made from wood or marble, to more modern looks made from silver and gold.
  • You can also get decorative drapery holders to pull the curtains away from the window to let the light in during the daylight hours.

Regardless of which room you are in the process of decorating, drapery is essential for the right touch. You can get drapery from your local department store or you can go to a specialty store to find more unique drapes. The specialty stores are slightly more expensive, but if you can afford to do so, the specialty stores will give you more for your money. Regardless of the room, you can spruce up any décor with simply hanging window treatments or drapes.


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