How To Decorate Wooden Toy Boxes

Wooden toy boxes are not only a great way to store away children's toys, but also a great way to let a child be creative and decorate the box to his or her own liking.

Step 1-Purchase Appropriate Wood
Buy 6 different sheets of wood at appropriate size for your toy box. The wood should be a flat wood, such as pine or fir and should be completely free of any knots. Make sure that you also pick up brackets and hinges.

Step 2-Assemble
Use your brackets and hinges to assemble the pieces of wood together. Screw 6 corner brackets on the piece of wood that will be the bottom and then screw in the ends to the brackets. Then add 4 corner brackets to the wood piece that will be the top of the box and screw in ends and sides together.

Step 3-Place Lid on
Put the lid on the box and screw the hinges in place. Make sure that the hinge allows the top to open smoothly so the child can use it properly and safely.

Step 4-Decorate
Decorate the toy box to your child's liking. Some examples are as follows:

  • Personalized Toy Box-you can simply glue or tape photos of your child, friends and family onto the wooden toy box to give it a personal feeling. A great way to have these photos last long, is to have them lamented first and then attach to the toy box.
  • Gender base the box-if the toy box is for a girl, you may want to consider decorating it with feminine objects such as Barbies, or have a princess theme. Add some glitter, glamorous stickers and satin in the inside of the box to go along with the theme. If the box is for a boy, stick with race cars or Transformers. Paint the box a dark color and add stickers or cut outs of his favorite TV show or movie character.
  • Paint or Stencil-You can simply paint the wooden toy box a color or you could paint it with different shapes with stencils. A fun way to really make the box stand out, is to paint it one color and then use stencils to create a certain theme overlaying the background color. The stencils can be shapes, flowers or even your child's favorite character on TV.
  • Finger paint-a great way to get your child really involved is to have them paint the box with their hands. By creating these memorable hand prints you able to savor these memories by having a lasting imprint of your child at a certain age. Plus, your child will love being able to get his hands dirty, especially when he doesn't get in trouble for it!
  • Tissue paper-collect different color tissue paper and glue it on the wooden toy box. This will give a soft and decorative feel to such a large wooden box.
  • Fabrics-if you do not want the wood to be the main attraction on the toy box, why not cover it with fabric? You can use just one fabric or several to give it a pattern. You can also use a fabric that has a cartoon or character on it that your child really enjoys.