How to Decorate Your Mudroom How to Decorate Your Mudroom

What You'll Need
Coat hooks
Absorbent rugs
Waterproof paint
Shoe rack

If you've recently added a mudroom to your home, you may wondering how to go about decorating it. If so, you'll be pleased to learn that decorating a mudroom can be a very simple and fun task.

Step 1 - Painting Your Mudroom

When painting your home's mudroom, make a point of using waterproof paint, especially if your family intends to hang their jackets on wall-mounted coat hooks. This will help protect your walls from falling victim to moisture-induced mold or mildew infestations.

Step 2 - Hanging Your Coats

Wall-mounted coat hooks are great tools upon which to hang your family's jackets. In addition to being easy to install, small children will immediately recognize them as tools for coat-hanging, as they are used in most daycare centers and elementary schools.

Step 3 - Dealing With Wet Shoes

Make sure to adorn your mudroom with several absorbent floor mats. These mats will serve as the perfect places to set soaked boots and muddy athletic footwear. Placing the aforementioned items, particularly the boots, on other kinds of surfaces is liable to create opportunities for slippage.

Step 4 - Regular Shoe Storage

When it comes to storing your family's everyday footwear, a shoe rack can really come in handy. In addition to preventing children from haphazardly tossing their shoes on the floor, which stands to create both messes and potential tripping hazards, a shoe rack will keep pairs of shoes together and help ensure that no one ever misplaces their footwear.

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