How to Decorate Your Own Dorm Bedding

A large part of decorating a dorm room is choosing your dorm bedding. If you are sharing a room, you will want to have bedding that is at least somewhat compatible with your roommate's. Most importantly, choose bedding that is both one you like and one that requires the least amount of care to maintain.

Step 1: Choosing the Sheets

When purchasing sheets, consider the fabric and texture. A college dorm room should probably have no more than two sets of sheets. One to be stored in the closet and the other will be on the bed.

Step 2: Covering the Bed

Choose a duvet and cover or a quilted comforter in a color that is compatible with the room.  Reversible coverings will allow for a variety in looks. Both options require little effort in making the bed.

Step 3: Keeping Warm

An extra cotton knit blanket could come in handy during late nights of studying or for keeping warm while watching autumn outdoor sporting events.

Step 4: Covering the Pillows

Shams are not a necessity, but they do enhance the bedding ensemble. They can be coordinating or contrasting, depending on your taste.

Step 5: Throw Pillows

Add one extra decorative pillow in a different shape and style. Too many extra pillows may add to dorm room clutter, so keep the throw pillows to a minimum.