How to Defog a Thermal Window Pane

What You'll Need
Electric fans
Ceiling fans
Exhaust fans

If your thermal window pane is constantly getting fogged up, you may be curious about how to remedy the problem. If so, it may interest you to learn that the solution to the problem lies in reducing the amount of humidity and condensation in your home.

Step 1 - Use an Electric Fans

One of fastest, most effective ways to defog a thermal window pane is to place an electric fan in the immediate vicinity of any fog-prone windows. This will instantly reduce the humidity in that particular area and promptly defog your window panes.

Step 2 - Use Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

Another good way to defog thermal windows is to consistently run your home's ceiling fans. This creates a steady stream of air flow throughout your home and prevents the formation of humidity. Additionally, make a point of running your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room exhaust fans whenever humidity-producing devices are being used. Be sure not to shut the fans off until after you've finished using the device.

Step 3 - Use Dehumidifiers

If you don't have any ceiling fans installed in your home, dehumidifiers can also be effective tools in defogging windows. As the name suggests, these devices can instantly reduce humidity and clear up a previously fogged window pane. They are also a cost-conscious alternative to purchasing and installing ceiling fans.