How to Defrost a Chest Freezer How to Defrost a Chest Freezer

What You'll Need
Hot Water
Ice Chest
Pan or Container
Clean Towels
Baking Soda
Ice Scraper

Below are several steps you need to follow in order to defrost a chest freezer. Since a chest freezer does not come with its own defrost feature, it has to be defrosted manually.

Step 1 – Emptying the Freezer

Remove all the contents of the freezer. Transfer them to a large ice chest. Put ice bags on the container for the contents to stay fresh. Better yet, transfer all the contents to the freezer of your upright refrigerator, if its freezer still has enough room to accommodate your chest freezer’s contents.

Step 2 – Unplug the Freezer

Remove the power chord connecting the freezer to the power supply. If the defrosting process is not that urgent, simply leave the appliance to defrost naturally. During a hot summer day, the defrosting process can take only a couple of hours. On a cold day, it may need to defrost overnight. Make sure to place a container just below the drain located at the base of the appliance to catch any draining water.

Step 3 – Speeding up the Defrosting Time

One method that can speed up the defrosting process is to pour a bucket of hot water into the chest freezer. However, this requires some preparation. First, make sure to place a container under the drain to catch the draining water. Next, place enough towels at the floor of the freezer to protect it from direct contact with the hot water. Pour the hot water evenly into the freezer and close the lid. Wait for about five minutes or so until the hot water drains. Do this repeatedly every few minutes especially if the chest freezer has a lot of ice in it. Make sure to throw away the drained water every time the container fills up.

Another way to speed up the process is to break up the big chunks of ice that formed on the sides of the freezer. To do this, use an ice scraper to dislodge the chunks carefully. As an alternative, use a screwdriver.  Don't be tempted to use a knife, it can easily slip on the ice and cut you. And with the scraper, be careful not to hit the surfaces of the chest freezer. Remove the chunks of ice, place them in a container and throw them away.

Step 4 – Cleaning the Freezer

When the ice has melted, wipe the interior surfaces of the appliance with clean towels. It may be noticed that the freezer has a moldy smell. To remove this, create a paste of baking soda. Place a good amount of the powder in a small bowl and mix a little bit of water slowly until the paste is consistent. Apply the paste evenly on all interior surfaces of the appliance, close the lid and let it sit for about twenty to thirty minutes. Wipe up the paste with a damp cloth and the wipe the freezer dry with a clean dry cloth or towel.

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