How to Defrost a Deep Freezer

defrosting a freezer
  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
What You'll Need
Aluminum cookie sheets
Plastic spatula
Large plastic garbage bags
Ice chests or coolers
Ice packs

A deep freezer is used to hold excess frozen products. Defrosting a deep freezer is a chore that most don't enjoy because it takes time and is messy. You need to defrost a deep freezer from time to time to keep it working properly. Follow the steps below to easily defrost your deep freezer.

Step 1 — Preparation

In order to defrost the deep freezer, you first need to unplug it. After you unplug the deep freezer, you should begin removing all of its contents. Make sure you place the items inside a cooler with some ice packs. You cannot properly defrost the deep freezer with it full of frozen goods.

If there are shelves inside the deep freezer, you will want to remove them as well.

Step 2 — Defrosting the Deep Freezer

Defrosting the deep freezer can be messy, but there is a way to keep it from getting out of control.

Take several towels and fold them in half. Place one of the folded towels in the bottom of the deep freezer. Use as many towels as you need in order to cover the bottom. You may need to fold them more than one time, depending on the size of the freezer.

Put the aluminum baking sheets on top of the folded towels. Depending on the size of the deep freezer, you may be able to fit two or more side by side. The cookie sheets will catch water and falling ice to make removal easier.

Step 3 — Stop Water Seepage

A deep freezer may not be completely waterproof as the ice melts. Condensation can also occur, and if the deep freezer is sitting on carpet or vinyl, these materials can be damaged.

Take a large garbage bag and cut it along its seam. Place the plastic under the deep freezer. With the contents removed from the freezer, it will be easier to move and lift up. You may also place towels on top of the plastic sheet so that it soaks up any water or condensation.

Step 4 — Remove the Excess Ice

Defrosting any type of freezer can take a long time if you leave the ice to its own devices. With the power off and the contents removed, the deep freezer will begin to defrost. As the freezer defrosts, the ice will begin to drop from the walls or loosen until they fall off. When the ice falls freely from the walls into the aluminum pans, you can then dump the pans. Use the plastic spatula to scrape off the sides of the deep freezer. Loose ice will fall to the pan.

Continue until all ice is removed, then wipe down the inside, remove the bag, plug the deep freezer in, and load it back up with its contents.

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