How to Defrost an Upright Freezer How to Defrost an Upright Freezer

What You'll Need
Aluminum cookie sheets
Plastic spatula
Duct tape
Plastic garbage bags
Ice chests or coolers
Ice packs

Many of us hate to defrost an upright freezer because the process takes a long time. Nevertheless, you have to defrost at some point, to prevent over freezing and taxing the coolant or the fan. When you defrost and upright freezer it does not have to take days to accomplish and the mess can be kept to a minimum.

Step 1 – Prepare the Upright Freezer

You need to unplug the upright freezer prior to defrosting and you also need to empty all of its contents. The items you remove from the freezer may not defrost in the time it takes to defrost, but boxes can get soggy and fall apart, effectively ruining the item. To prevent this from happening, place them all in a cooler with ice packs. You also want to remove shelves, baskets or any other small storage compartments in the upright freezer.

Step 2 – Begin to Defrost the upright Freezer

Take a towel and place it in the bottom of the freezer. You may use more than one to cover the bottom and you may also fold them so that they fit. This all depends on the size of the upright freezer. On top of the towel, place the aluminum cookie sheet. If there is room in the freezer, place two or more, as long as they fit side by side. The goal here is to cover as much of the bottom of the freezer as possible. The cookie sheets will catch drips of water as the towels will catch any overflow. The aluminum will also help prevent the water from refreezing.

Step 3 – Water Seepage

Since the door of the upright freezer has to be open for it to defrost, water can leak out. This can be kept to a minimum by making use of a garbage bag. Fan the garbage bag out so it does not cling to itself. With the bag spread open, place one side barely inside the freezer and tape it down. Pull the bag open and tape it to the door so that the bag remains open and hanging from the freezer. Use duct tape, because it creates a strong seal and water will not cause it to come loose.

Step 4 – Remove Excess Ice

If you want the process to be quick,l you will want to remove the frost from the inside of the freezer. Use the plastic spatula to scrape it from the sides. The frost will fall to the cookie sheet. Take the sheet and dispose of the ice in the sink. The towel will catch any drips until you come back to replace the pan. Never force the ice. Start with the sides of the upright freezer working your way up. When done, remove the cookie sheets, towel and bag. Wipe down the freezer and replace everything and finally, plug it back in.

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