How to De-Grease a Stove Hood

The stove hood is the bit on a cooker that everyone hates to clean. Not only is it difficult to get to, but it also becomes heavily clogged with grease and cooking fats—but putting off this nasty little job will only make the conditions worse.

How to Clean a Stove Hood

Removable items such as stove hood grease filters can be removed from the stove and soaked in a degreaser. After this has been done, rinse, and then wash in the dishwasher (if they are compatible). If the filters are stainless-steel, there should be no problem. If they are aluminium, they can be damaged or discoloured by dishwasher detergent.

The next major job is cleaning the overhead vent. These areas can be scrubbed with bike de-greasers, bought from local bicycle shops. Citrus degreasers may work well, as acids in the product cut through grease.

Do not spray any cleaner or degreaser inside the stove hood – instead apply the degreaser to a cloth. If the grease is very thick, or is not coming away cleanly, apply baking soda and water, and scrub.

When cleaning the stove hood, be sure to also clean the tiles and wall around the cooker and hood, as these can become greasy too.