How to Design a Flagstone Pool Deck

What You'll Need
Patterned flagstones
Level bar
Rubber mallet

Flagstone pool decks have a major advantage of being non-slippery. Their use around swimming pools at homes is popular for this reason, and they bring a beautiful texture around the tranquilizing presence of the pool at its center. They are the perfect place to relax or walk around for people coming in and out of the pool. The surfaces can however be too warm during summers in desert areas. The stones are placed one beside the other in jigsaw-patterns, and they provide a good foot grip at the joining between any two stones. The amount of area over which you would like to use flagstone depends on your budget and the ideal beautification plan you have in mind.

Step 1 - Plan the Flagstone Area

Swimming pools are one of the most coveted home elements. Making the space around the pool look just the way you want can be important. Therefore, first plan out the landscape before making a decision about the flagstones. People usually go for a 3 to 4 m wide strip around the pool area. Some often choose to flagstone just one side of the pool–usually near the resting and seating areas where people walk more.

Step 2 - Creating the Foundation before Laying the Flagstone

The area around your swimming pool may already have concrete. In that case, you can only apply mortar and lay the flagstones carefully (Go to Step #5). However, if you have a new swimming pool built in an open space like the backyard of your house, using a spade and shovel to take off the soil around the pool will be your first practical step for laying the flagstones.

Step 3 - Level the Dug up Area Using a Plank

After digging up the soil, use a plank or a level bar to suppress the undulating curves on the ground. This will make for a steady surface and prevent the flagstones from bearing varying amounts of pressure at different parts of each stone pattern. This can easily cause the stones to shift out of place.

Step 4 - Lay Crushed Stones

The flagstones need to stay on a solid surface. If you have a concrete surface, start by cleaning the surface and drying it. Then apply mortar and start placing the flagstones.

Step 5 - Apply Mortar and Lay the Flagstones

If you are designing the pool deck anew, crushed stones will play a similar role to the concrete. By laying crushed stones under the flagstones, you will ensure a number of benefits. The crushed stones will act as the base for mortar. Moreover, they will also prevent shrubs and herbs from growing through the flagstones. Start from the edge of the pool so that the edges are not difficult to cover later. Use the rubber mallet to ‘embed’ the flagstones strongly.

Step 6 - Wait for Mortar to Dry

Once you have laid the flagstones, wait for the mortar to dry. You must also ensure that the area is out of access for people who want to use the pool during the project.