How to Design a Home Wet Bar

What You'll Need
Sheet of paper

Having a home wet bar can add both extra finesse and practicality to it. A wet bar is basically a wood counter for serving alcoholic drinks which has a water sink attached to it to facilitate the making of cocktails and subsequent cleaning. Usually, the bar is also outfitted with its own fridge for cold drinks, unobtrusive overhead lighting and comfortable high stools. If you are keen on wowing your friends, building your own trendy wet bar will definitely do the job. Below you will find a few tips to keep in mind as you plan the design of the bar.

Step 1–Choose Design

Look at pictures of wet bars if you do not have any idea how to set up your wet bar. Pictures can help you make up your mind what the bar structure and ambiance should be so that you can achieve a perfect harmony between the bar and the rest of the room.

Step 2–Select Materials

Choose materials for the wet bar, both for the counter unit and the floor around it. Select a type of wood and tiles which will suit the décor of the room. Be sure to check the prices of materials before you make a purchase.

Step 3–Determine Size

Determine the size of the bar once you have decided on the appearance and materials. You will want the bar dimensions to suit the room so that the bar does not look too insignificant, nor the room too cramped. The standard household wet bar is 45 inches high and 10 inches wide on each side, with 2 feet of space at the back where the host can show his prowess in cocktail-making. However, you should feel free to modify these dimensions according to the spatial requirements of your room. If you intend to install a cabinet for alcoholic drinks and a fridge, be sure to provide additional space for them.

To visualize an idea of what your room will look like with the bar, you can try sketching a simple floor plan with the wet bar drawn to scale. Do not shoot for a Michelangelo; a crude pencil drawing should be enough to serve your purpose.

Step 4–Determine Position of Lights

Think about where you want the electrical fixtures for the wet bar. They should provide enough light for you to work but should not be too bright that they spoil the intimacy of the bar area. Usually, lights are mounted on the ceiling (track or pendant lights), but you can also mount them on the side wall.

 Step 5–Think of Water Supply

 Consider the plumbing for the bar sink. A good idea is to set up the wet bar near the kitchen, e.g. next to a wall the bar room shares with the kitchen, so that you can use the kitchen pipework to supply water to the bar. This way, you can significantly reduce the plumbing costs.