How to Design an Italian Smoking Room

What You'll Need
Table saw
Measuring tape
2x4-inch board
Exhaust fan
Intake fan
Ductwork and accessories
Hardwood flooring
Flexible door jam
Weather stripping
Cedar paneling
Electric screwdriver
Various screws

An Italian smoking room in your home is a room akin to a bar, designed for socializing and relaxation. Inside, you might sample fine cigars and drink good liquor. The smoking room has a design more distinguished than a typical man cave. With a little help, you can be on your way to enjoying a fine cigar and a sip of scotch.

Step 1 - Framing

Creating a smoking room requires extensive framing of the room. The basement is the best place to put this room. Measure the area you wish to use and cut the 2x4-inch board. Begin assembling the frame by placing studs every 16 inches and leaving room for a door. The smoking room can be as large as you want it to be.

Step 2 - Ventilation System

The key to a good smoking room is being able to keep the smoke inside the room as well as to pump it out and let clean air in. This is very important to maintaining a smoke-free environment inside the rest of the home. Install the ducts near the ceiling and using more 2x4 to brace it. Install the exhaust and intake fans connecting them to the existing air ducts unless you can make it independent from the current system. Run the electrical wiring through the wall frame. After the ventilation system is installed you can go ahead and seal up the ceiling.

Step 3 - Walls

A smoking room needs to be self-contained. Heavily insulate the walls on both sides. Place the drywall over the insulation and affix to the frame with drywall screws. On top of the drywall you will install the cedar panels. Cedar does not trap in smells and provides a luxurious feel that goes with the overall Italian design.

Step 4 - Flooring

Install the hardwood flooring by following the instructions provided with the flooring. Interlocking floor boards are an easy alternative that you can do yourself without too many tools.

Step 5 - The Door

The door to the smoking room is one of the most important aspects of the smoking room. You install it the same way that you would any other door with the exception on the insulation. Install a flexible door jam on the floor and weather stripping along the sides. This creates a seal that prevents the smoke from escaping.

Step 6 - Furniture

An Italian smoking room is the epitome of class and style, and your decor should match. Fill the room with furniture that is dark and clad in leather. Plywood is not a suitable wood, but cedar, oak and stained pine are all ideal. The cedar planking on the wall is great as is, but can be stained darker along with the floor. Include shelves and tables to round out the feel of the room.