How to Design Custom Wooden Signs How to Design Custom Wooden Signs

What You'll Need
Foam brush
Carbon paper
Black spray paint
Mask and goggles
Sander and sandpaper

You can use custom wooden signs for several purposes. You can put a sign on the door of your children’s room or you can put a sign outdoors to give directions around your residential area and neighborhood. Only a few things are needed for this job. You do not need to be professional to design a wooden sign yourself. But you need to be very patient because this job takes quite some time.


Step 1 – Deciding the Size of the Sign

You must first choose the dimensions of your sign before you design it. The size depends on whether you are going to use the sign indoors or outdoors. In case you want an indoor wooden sign, ideally it would be between 12 and 24 inches long, whereas for an outdoor wooden sign, it should be between three to six feet long. Make sure that the width fits the length of the sign.


Step 2 – Finding the Right Wood

When you find or purchase the wooden piece that you are going to design into a sign, make sure that it is longer and/or wider than required. You can go for a walk in your neighborhood forest or countryside and find a suitable piece of wood there. You can also buy a piece of wood from a home improvement store. You will find a wide choice of different types of wood at the store. After you find or buy the wood, use the saw to cut it down to the required measurement.


Step 3 – Deciding What to Write on Your Sign

Think about and decide on the name you want to write on your custom wooden sign. Several people put their own personal names on the signs. You can also to put the name of someone who is very close to you. On the other hand, you can put the logo of your favourite soccer team as a design on your custom wooden sign.


Step 4 – Drawing a Draft of the Design On Paper

Before you design the sign directly, first draw a draft of it on a piece of paper. Make sure that the design fits the sign. Use sandpaper to make the wood smoother, and then use carbon paper to transfer the design onto the wooden sign.


Step 5 – Using the Router

It is now time to use the router. If your sign is on the big side, you may reconsider using the router on your sign in one go. Remember to wear a pair of goggles and a facial mask so that you will not inhale the sawdust.


Step 6 – Painting the Letters With Spray Paint

You can choose any color you like to paint the letters on your wooden sign, but you are advised to use black spray paint because the letters would look better if they are painted in black. Remove any excess paint after you are finished. Let the paint dry overnight or at least one day and sand the wood again to remove the extra paint which you did not remove earlier. Apply varnish to the sign if you like. Let it dry and then apply two more varnish coatings for a finished look.


When finished, you can proudly display your custom designed wooden sign in the location you intended it for. Once you succeed in completing one wooden sign you will certainly wish to do more for yourself, your family or your friends.

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