How to Design Patio Bar Sets that Stand Out How to Design Patio Bar Sets that Stand Out

Adding patio bar sets to your patio or deck is a welcoming touch for guests at your parties and barbecues. Here are a few tips to help you design a patio bar set that stands out.

Step 1: The Bar

When designing the bar, you have several styles and options. The front of the bar can be plain, but add some pizazz by covering the surface  in vinyl, which will keep it waterproof. To that, add some padding buttons in the vinyl to give it some depth and a classy feel. To match this design, add a canopy over your bar in a contrasting color. If you opt to go with a tropical theme, cover the front bar with bamboo. Over the bar, a thatched roof will reflect a Polynesian paradise. For a natural look, simply build your bar of pressure-treated wood. The wood will weather and take on a beautiful seasoned look. If you choose to add a sealant to the wood because you decided to use a stain on it, be sure the wood has cured for 3 to 6 months so the wood will not deteriorate.

Step 2: Bar Stools

Bar stools come in two designs. There are backless designs and stools with backs. The stools with backs are usually more comfortable and are suggested if you plan to have guests sitting at the bar area for a long period of time. Both styles can have upholstered chair pads, which gives you an opportunity to add more color. Be sure to use a fabric made for outdoor furniture if you decide to have upholstered seats. When using upholstery, you can also mix and match the fabric for a standout design.

Step 3:  The Bar Suface

The top can be made of different materials. You can have a bar top made of granite, mesh, resin and stainless steel if you want a low maintenance option. If you want to use wood, you will have to cover it with several coats of clear coat for protection from use and the weather. Before applying, you can add decorative items to be sealed onto the surface. Use seashells, coins, sheet music or whatever you can collect to add a personal touch. You will want to use items that aren’t too thick, keeping in mind that you will have to add many layers to cover the items and have a smooth surface.

4.  Lighting

The lighting is very important, especially if you will be entertaining at night. Lighting will also add ambiance to your outdoor space. Adding lighting to the inside of the roof of your bar is an efficient option. You can also add candle lamps along the bar top. These look like a lamp you would use inside your home, except the light is provided by pillar candles. Another easy lighting method is to add string lights across the bar. These come in numerous designs, and will add some whimsy to your decor.



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