How to Design Sustainable Luxury House Plans How to Design Sustainable Luxury House Plans

What You'll Need
House Plan
Architect or Home Builder
Special Windows
Mass Wall
Vents and Ducts
Solar Panels
Pipes and a Geothermal Pump
Solar Heaters
Concrete Foam Forms

Sustainable luxury house plans includes the use of open spaces for better flow and a reduction in the use of building materials. It also includes the use of exotic sustainable materials such as bamboo, the addition of solar panels and positioning the home where it can receive the greatest exposure to natural sunlight. Designing a sustainable luxury house plan should be done in consultation with an architect or home builder who understands the building codes for your community.

The tools and materials needed to design a luxury house plan, along with the steps are provided in this article. Becoming familiar with the materials will help you better visualize how they will be used in your home and in your luxury house plans.

Step 1: Become Familiar with Sustainable Materials

To make luxury house plans it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the materials used for sustainability. For example, you can achieve sustainability in your luxury home by finding alternative energy sources to power your home. Find samples of solar panels and solar panel systems that can be installed throughout your luxury home. Many of these systems convert natural sunlight into stored energy that can be used to power various appliances in your luxury home. This will allow you to reduce energy consumption and increase the luxury home’s energy efficiency.

Other materials that you can view at a local home improvement center include special windows designed to retain heat and energy, mass walls, specially designed mass walls, a geothermal pump and concrete foam forms.

Step 2: Establish a Budget

After becoming familiar with the materials needed for a sustainable luxury house plan, set a budget for your home building project. The use of sustainable materials will add to the budget that you set for the luxury home. You will need to identify sources of funds available to pay for any substitutions or use of materials such as LED lighting and bamboo flooring. Knowing the budget will help you implement those changes or create a plan that can accomplish your sustainable luxury house plan without breaking the bank.

Step 3: Meet with Home Builder and /or Architect

Review the luxury house plans with the home builder and/or architect. Ask where improvements can be made to the building plan for your luxury house for the use or substitution of materials with sustainable building materials. The home builder can take your ideas and suggestions and incorporate them into the house plan. These can include smart homes and designs that can achieve a sustainable luxury house.

Step 4: Approve Final Plans

After you review the plans for your sustainable luxury house, approve the plans. You will need to monitor the building process to make sure that the changes and updates made are implemented and that your luxury house is built to the standard that you are looking to achieve.

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