How to Design Plumbing for Wet Bars

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  • 12-48 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-20,000
What You'll Need
Drywall saw
Pipes and fittings
Pipe cutter
Solvent cement
Ruler and pencil

Wet bars are the next best thing when it comes to entertaining. If you are one of those homeowners who have a huge, unused basement, yet no place to relax and mingle with the neighbors, it’s definitely time for you to set up your very own wet bar. It’s just as simple as setting the ordinary bar, but not with plumbing works included in the mix. Nonetheless, if you can follow instructions, have a knack for home improvement, and the spare time, then a wet bar can be in your immediate future.

Make a Floor Plan

Design a floor plan for your wet bar. Draw in the specific locations of the appliances and furniture that will be located in your wet bar. Also include the water lines in the room you decide to build your wet bar in. Most importantly, trace the position of your new pipes from the water lines to the wet bar.

Tap the Water Lines

Before you go any further, make sure to close your water lines. Look for the section of your water lines that’s closest to the location of your wet bar. Cut into both the hot and cold water lines with a pipe cutter. Expect to get wet a little doing this. Use a T-fitting to remove the sections of the pipe in order to accommodate the new pipes.

Install the New Pipes

If you have already measured and cut out all the plastic pipes that you will be needing for your wet bar and polished them together with the necessary fittings, apply a generous amount of solvent cement on the ends of the pipes and insert the ends into the fittings. Twisting the pipes into the fittings will ensure a tighter grip.

Stub the New Pipes through the Wall

Drill holes through the wall where the bar sink is going to be placed against it. When you’re done with this and the pipes are all the way through the wall, attach double stops to your water lines. You may now install your faucets and other appliances by connecting through the water lines.

Tap into the Water Drainage

Cut a 2-inch hole into your water drainage pipe and attach a saddle Tee. Cut a hole through the bottom of your wet bar’s sink and connect a pipe or series of pipes from the saddle Tee through it. Attach the drain to your sink.