How to Design Tile Murals for Kids

Designing and creating tile murals can be a fun and entertaining project for kids to enjoy and decorate their own spaces. Tile murals can be included in a children’s bathroom, bedroom, playroom, hall or even as part of outside landscaping.

Choosing a Location for the Mural

Tile murals can be located almost any place where a tile wall or floor tile would be located. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, outside walls, hallways and walkways. Children are especially delighted with the prospect of contributing creatively in the design of their living space, so when it comes to choosing a location for a mural, involve the kids in the decision-making process.

Tile Materials

The great thing about tile murals is that they are a very flexible and creative medium. Tiles can include pieces of broken tile from past projects, reclaimed tiles from remodeling projects, special-shaped tiles specifically chosen for the mural project, tiles painted by the children and even pieces of glass or glass marbles.

The design can be themed (under the sea, summer vacation, favorite sports, etc.) or it can be free-form and based on whatever whimsy strikes the children as they place the tiles on the mural.

Once the mural is completed, seal it as you would any other tile to protect the grout and preserve the artistic creation.