How to Design Wine Bar Furniture How to Design Wine Bar Furniture

Learning how to design wine bar furniture can be a fun venture. Designing and building wine bar furniture can enhance a room, provide a fun and party atmosphere and be a welcoming place for family and guests. Although much wine furniture is designed in darker woods, wine barrels are also used and are made of white oak. White Oak is very strong, easily finished and provides a warm, comfortable feeling.

Suggested Design Materials

To begin designing wine bar furniture several things should be considered. A room plan should be drawn to detail what furniture will be needed and where it will be placed. For this it is recommended that planning should begin with:

  • Graph paper with 1/4 inch squares
  • Several colored drawing pencils
  • Art eraser
  • Ruler
  • Light pieces of cardboard for tracing furniture shapes and sizes
  • Scissors
  • Measurements of the room

Step 1. Consider Wine Bar Furniture

Begin thinking about what pieces of furniture are required for a wine bar. A wine bar should be the focal point, and unless there is one in the room already, this should be the first piece to be designed. Next, a place to store the wine needs to be created. This can be in a wine cooler, elaborate wall mounted wine racks or a simple wine rack cabinet. A place for wine glasses should be considered. An excellent idea for this is a hanging wine glass rack, mounted directly above the bar or wine cooler. Wine glasses have a beauty all their own, and when displayed elegantly in a barrel stave wine glass rack they provide an elegant touch to any wine bar.

Most lounge chairs can suffice for decorating a wine bar, but nothing beats making them out of old wine barrels. A nice touch is to have serving trays made from the corks of old wine bottles. For a mood setting décor, consider making a wreath out of old wine corks and displaying a clock or a room thermometer in its center.

Step 2. Think Barrel Staves and Corks

Regardless of the wine bar furniture being designed, old wine barrels and barrel staves should always be considered. Most furniture can be made using traditional design motifs, but the pieces should be decorated, if not actually built, from old wine barrels.

An example of this is to build the wine glass rack almost exclusively from old wine barrel staves. Side tables can be built with barrel staves as legs, and the actual barrel top or bottom used as a table top. A menu board, place settings or centerpiece can be made from cork.

Step 3. Staining White Oak

Staining the White Oak of barrel staves is an excellent idea, but to keep them authentic leave the scratches and marks in the wood, especially the bands caused by the metal hoops used to hold them together. Design wine bar furniture so that the rustic, ambience of a winery shows through their design and gives the atmosphere of the wine culture theme.

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